County president seeks input on how to fill vacant seat representing UW Oshkosh campus

by Miles Maguire

With no representatives for the supervisory district, which includes the UW Oshkosh campus, Winnebago Board President Shiloh Ramos is seeking help to fill the vacant seat.

He told the board on Tuesday that no candidate from District 16 filed nomination papers for the April elections, though one person has come forward to serve. The district extends from Elmwood Avenue south through campus and into Wisconsin Street past the Marion Road redevelopment area.

Ramos said his initial plan was for voters to select a write-in candidate, but he is now wondering whether it would make sense to nominate a person who has expressed interest in serving.

He said the person would serve for only two business meetings of the board before the April vote.

Ramos asked county board members to provide some feedback on how to proceed, either to leave the seat open or to make a short-term appointment.

“I basically want to hear from you all,” he told board members, asking them to send emails or texts.

But “no matter what, for District 16, ultimately, the next one with the next election will be determined by the write-in,” Ramos said.

Also at the meeting, County Executive John Dommel announced that Human Resources Director Mike Collard has agreed to serve as acting Finance Director, while a search is ongoing for a permanent replacement.

The top two positions in the finance department are vacant. Dommel said Collard would work in finance in the morning and human resources in the afternoon.

One of Collard’s tasks is to work with supervisors in forming a committee to review ideas for spending the tens of millions of dollars coming to the county under the American Rescue Planning Act.

Dommel and Ramos also explained how they plan to set up an onboarding process to deal with the widespread turnover, as so many incumbents have decided not to stand for re-election.

“As with large businesses we will see, it is important that we do a good job informing new board members about the roles and responsibilities of the county board, as well as the roles and responsibilities of county government in general,” Domel said.

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