Questions from MPs in front of UK PM Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been under pressure for several weeks alleged summer garden parties And Christmas gatherings were held in Downing Street at a time when the rest of the country was in strict Covid-19 lockdown. A report on the allegations, to be released this week, could be the final straw for Johnson’s growing rebel party.

parliamentary rebellion is growing. A Conservative MP joined the opposition Labor Party last week and newspapers reported rumors of more MPs seeking Johnson’s exit.

On Thursday, as more conservative lawmakers openly criticized the prime minister regarding the parties, allegations of blackmail and bullying by government officials surfaced.

Conservative MP William Ragg said on Thursday that “many parliamentarians have faced pressure and intimidation from members of the government because of the prime minister’s desire to declare or assume a vote of confidence in the party leadership.”

Rag told the House of Commons Committee on Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs that the reports he was made aware of “appear to constitute blackmail.”

Johnson dismissed reports of bullying, saying he “saw no evidence” to support the bullying allegations leveled against his government by a Conservative MP.

Under Conservative Party rules, if MPs want to get rid of their leader, they submit a confidential letter of no confidence to the chairman of the 1922 Committee, a group of backbench MPs who do not hold government positions. The process is ambiguous – the letters are kept secret and the president, Graham Brady, does not even reveal how many have been handed over.

When 15% of Conservative MPs have submitted letters, it triggers a vote of confidence among all Conservative MPs.

CNN’s Luke McGee, Lauren Kent, Duarte Mendonca, Richard Alan Greene, Robert Idioles and Sharon Braithwaite contributed to this report.


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