Trump is not welcome in Scotland

PHOTO: Reuters

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has warned Donald Trump that the lockdown in force today in the British province, where the US president has golf courses, does not allow him to visit them, AFP reported, quoted by BTA.

The agency notes that this happened after media reports about a possible visit of Trump to Scotland at the end of his presidential term.

According to the Scottish newspaper “Sunday Post”, Prestwick Airport in the eastern part of the northern British province was warned that a Boeing 757 aircraft, sometimes used by the American president, would arrive on January 19. A day later, US President-elect Joe Biden will take office in Washington.

According to the Sunday Post, there is increased activity of American planes at Prestwick Airport, including around Trump Turnbury – one of the two golf complexes of the American billionaire in Scotland.

However, an airport spokesman said in response to a question from AFP that Trump’s visit was not expected this month.

Scotland’s first minister was also asked today. She said she had no idea about the US president’s travel plans, except that he should leave the White House soon. Travel to Scotland is now banned, except for urgent reasons, Sturgeon recalled.

Yesterday, the Scottish authorities announced that they would impose quarantine in the region from today until the end of the month.

Sturgeon stressed that the new measures apply to everyone. “And coming to play golf in Scotland is not a reason I think is important for travel,” she said.

There are growing speculations about what Trump will do on Biden’s inauguration. The Republican president refuses to admit defeat to the Democratic nominee. If he does not attend the ceremony in Washington on January 20, he will break with a tradition dating back more than a century.