They fucked us again! Here are the countries with the most beautiful women in the world

The ranking reveals in which seven countries the most beautiful girls in the world live. It is dedicated not only to individuals, but to all girls living in a particular country, BGNES reports.

The average appearance of women is taken into account and a list is compiled based on these data. Here are the seven countries, among which Bulgaria is missing.

7. The Netherlands

It may seem surprising, but there are many beautiful women in this country. They look great due to the average height – 170 cm and all are very thin. Blue is the most common eye color in Dutch women. Also, most of them are blondes, which gives them even more beauty. It is worth noting that it is common for them to go on a diet and women almost always remain weak and strong.

6. Venezuela

Quite tall women also live in Venezuela. Their average height is 167 cm and is one of the largest in the world. Almost all women living in this country have brown eyes and dark skin. Their hair is also dark in color, which means that they are all quite similar to each other. Venezuelans are very attractive and perhaps one of the most beautiful.

5. Ethiopia

The women of this African country are not only the most beautiful on the continent, but practically all over the world. They always have very black eyes and lush black hair, which makes them look quite interesting. They have a relatively low average height – only 160 cm, but sometimes reach 190 cm. They have slender figures and very regular facial features, which is why they are on the list.

4. China

There was no way we could not include beautiful Chinese women in the list. A distinctive feature of Chinese women is that they are among the lowest in the world. Their average height is only 155 cm. In addition to their narrow eyes, it is worth noting that they have straight black hair and a narrow, straight nose. Brown eyes and dark skin color also give them a very attractive look. It is worth noting that they have a very high IQ.

3. Russia

Of course, Russian girls are also included in this ranking. We will not talk about the whole of Russia, but only about the European part. The average height of the beauties is about 165 cm. The color of the eyes is very diverse: brown, green, blue. Brown and golden hair is typical of Russians. They are characterized by narrow facial features and an elongated shape of the head. Russian models are some of the best in the world.

2. Sweden

Sweden is also known for its beautiful women. The average height of Swedish beauties – 165 cm, which is not surprising. Of course, blond and often even white hair is typical of women in the region. Most often, of course, they have green-brown eyes, but pure green is also not uncommon. It is worth noting that they have a very good physique because they lead a healthy life.

1. Ukraine

It is the Ukrainian women who are considered the most beautiful girls. Their average height is 166 cm. The most beautiful are their green eyes, which have a very regular and almost perfect shape. Of course, blonde hair is much more common in the country, but dark hair is also found, although rare. They have a very slender figure and a round, smooth face. And they are considered the most beautiful nationality among all women in the world.