The earthquake in Croatia destroyed the town of Petrine, a child died! The apocalypse has no end in VIDEO

Petrine Mayor Darinko Dumbovic said half of the city had been destroyed by today’s earthquake and demanded that help be sent immediately. “A kindergarten also collapsed, but fortunately there were no children inside,” Dumbovic said.

People are panicking and looking for their loved ones. The mayor called on anyone who could to come to Petrine’s aid, especially professional firefighters and the army.

In a statement to N1, Dimbovic said he had spoken on the phone with Prime Minister Andrei Plenkovic, who confirmed he was leaving for Petrine immediately.

Croatian police have urged citizens to go outside if they can and stay away from buildings that are in danger of collapsing. To control the difficult situation in Petrinja, the Croatian army has sent 300 fighters to help.

The quake, which shook the country, lasted about half a minute and was felt in Rijeka, Vukovar, Split and Zagreb.

Police urged citizens to go outside if they could and move away from buildings that are in danger of collapsing.

According to Croatian state television, the quake toppled the roof of a hospital in Sisak above the internal medicine ward. The TV team barely escaped at the entrance of the City Council, which also collapsed.

The capital, Zagreb, has also been affected – electricity has been cut off for some time, trams have frozen on the tracks, and the streets are crowded.

The media in the country reported one child dead. As a precautionary measure, the Krško nuclear power plant in Slovenia was closed.

In Slovenia, the quake was felt strongly in Ljubljana, Nova Gorica, Ptuj and Mežica. The nuclear power plant in Krashko has been shut down as a precautionary measure. The session of the National Assembly was interrupted after the building was damaged. Deputies published photos of the destruction.