Scotland hopes to join the EU as an independent nation

Scottish Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon expressed hope that Scotland would gain its independence and join the EU, stressing that Brexit was against the will of the Scots, who overwhelmingly voted against leaving the EU in the 2016 referendum. reported AFP.

“We are currently enduring a hard Brexit against our will, at the worst possible moment, in the midst of a pandemic and economic recession,” Sturgeon said on his Scottish National Party (SNP) website two days after Britain left the single market and the EU customs union. .

She reiterated her determination to hold a new referendum on Scottish independence, following the one her separatist camp lost in 2014, when 55 per cent of Scots wanted to remain in the UK.

However, the decision to organize such a referendum was made by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and he firmly refused. However, a possible convincing victory for the SNP in the local elections in May would increase pressure on London to adopt a new referendum.

According to the latest poll by the Savanta ComRes Institute for Scottsman in mid-December, 58 percent of Scots already support a break with the United Kingdom.

“As an independent member of the EU, Scotland will be a partner and will be able to build bridges, not only to a stronger economy and a fairer society, but also to facilitate Britain’s relations with the EU,” Sturgeon said.

In 2016, 51.9 percent of Britons voted for Brexit, but 62 percent of Scots were against leaving the EU.

“In our nearly 50 years of membership, we have benefited greatly from the four freedoms of the single market, including freedom of movement. More than 230,000 Europeans have settled in Scotland. They are our friends, our family and we would like to stay,” Sturgeon said.

After Brexit, “the rights of our citizens to work, study and live elsewhere in Europe will be curtailed,” she said, noting that last year 2,000 Scots participated in the Erasmus student exchange program, which the British government abandoned and replace with its international university program.

“We did not want to leave and we hope to join you soon as an equal partner,” Sturgeon concluded in a statement.