Merkel with a dramatic farewell! A detail in her clothes betrayed …

A year of hope is coming, says Angela Merkel in her New Year’s address to the Germans – probably the last as the country’s chancellor. She describes the fight against the coronavirus as “the task of the century”, writes Deutsche Welle.

In her probably last New Year’s address as German Chancellor, Angela Merkel warned Germans of the ongoing challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis.

“These days and weeks, there is no need to hide it, are difficult times for our country. And this will continue for some time to come, “Merkel said in a previously published speech.

“Something happened to us in 2020 that the world did not expect. A hitherto unknown virus penetrates our bodies and lives. It strikes us where we are people in the fullest sense: in close contact, in an embrace, in conversation, while we celebrate, “Merkel said.

The task of the century
According to Merkel, the pandemic and its management are “the political, social and economic task of the century.” In her traditional New Year’s address, the Chancellor thanked citizens for their trust and patience “to get involved in this historic feat.”

She reminds of the victims of the pandemic and prays, despite the hope that vaccines bring, for more patience and endurance: “For a long time to come, it will depend on all of us how we get through this pandemic. Winter is and will remain severe.”

Therefore, everyone must contribute to curbing the pandemic. “We know what we can do to fight the virus. In addition to the vaccine, we have the most effective means in our own hands – by following the rules, each of us,” Merkel added.

“At the end of this breathless year, we too must stop for a moment – and grieve,” she said, adding: “As a society, we must not forget how many people have lost a loved one without being able to be close to him. in his last hours.

I can’t relieve their pain. But I think about them, especially tonight. It can only suggest how upset those are who grieve for someone, or who struggle with the consequences of the disease, “when the virus is denied by some incorrigible people.”

“Conspiracy theories are not only false and dangerous, but also cynical and cruel to these people,” she said.

Hope already has a face
2020 was also a year “in which so many people surpassed themselves without beating the drum.” Among them – doctors and nurses in hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions, health professionals, and not to forget the “readiness of our armed forces.”

Countless people are contributing to “our lives still possible despite the pandemic: in supermarkets and freight transport, in post offices, on buses and trains, in police stations, in schools and kindergartens, in churches, in newsrooms.”

The German chancellor thanked for “how disciplined most people wear their masks and make an effort to keep their distance.”

On the occasion of the vaccination campaign that started on Sunday, Merkel says that hope already has its face:

These are the faces of the first vaccinated, the very elderly and their nurses, the medical staff in the intensive care units – not only in our country, but in all European and many other countries. ” “I will get vaccinated when it’s my turn,” said Merkel, 66.

Health, confidence and God’s blessing for 2021
Despite the full focus on the pandemic, which continues to pose “huge” challenges to the country, Germany must not lose sight of other issues, the chancellor warned. “So, will everything be the Crown in the new year?

No, as it was not in the old days, “she emphasizes.” The world we live in is changing rapidly and fundamentally, even before the pandemic. “It is even more important for Germany to develop” with all its strength and creativity brave ideas for the future ”- for example, a green economy.

Merkel concludes her address, which will be televised on New Year’s Eve, noting that “I will probably be able to address you as Chancellor for the last time with a New Year’s speech.”

And he sums it up: “I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say: never in the last 15 years have we all considered the old year so difficult – and never, despite all the worries and some skepticism, have we expected the new year with so much hope.”

That is why he wishes everyone “health, confidence and God’s blessing for the new 2021.”

An interesting detail was that Merkel was in a golden dress as a symbol of her 15 years of successful rule, which would be remembered as a golden time for Germany – more observant viewers note.