Rhode Island parents angry with school board for removing honors classes in ‘equity obsession’

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barrington, Rhode Island, the public schools are among the best in the state. Many parents move to the district, and bear higher taxes, because of the academic rigor that prepares their children to attend Ivy League schools or receive academic merit scholarships. However, all of that academic appeal is being taken away once the district is brought up on its so-called “equity and inclusion” agenda.

A system of de-leveling, or universal education, was first implemented in Barrington on the most vulnerable students—students with learning disabilities—and the Individualized Education Program (IEP). In February 2020, in the middle of covid-19 pandemic, the school removed some conceptual classes. Overall, parents of children in those classes were reluctant to speak up because they risked “turning out” their child as being disabled or in need of special accommodations.

A mother whose daughter has an IEP and attends withdrawn conceptual classes said that de-leveling has caused her daughter’s grades to drop. The mother requested anonymity to protect the daughter’s identity.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of de-leveling, but time [to implement it during COVID] That’s what makes it very suspicious to me. So it felt like it was an easy way for them to get their agenda going without pushback because people were so busy dealing with other stuff,” she told Fox News Digital.

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Mother continued, “It [took away] Personality of any kind … or … personalized education plan for children. It’s going to be something like ‘You’re education factory where they raise everyone equally.'”

Rage broke out among parents of all political stripes after honor students were targeted, the parents said. The school announces that the days of honoring English and social studies are gone. Parents protested, arguing that the move deprived their children of a competitive edge and – in fact – future opportunities such as merit scholarships.

During the meeting held on March 30, more than a dozen parents and students scolded school board,

Parent speaks at the March 30 Barrington Public School meeting.

One mother said, “My daughter has lost out on opportunities that could affect merit scholarships for her, which I think is frightening… you really don’t know what you are doing on this. “

One parent who identified as a dentist with immigrant parents from Mexico said, “You guys are doing this to someone like me. My parents… didn’t speak English …no one asked me. Like, I’m the person you are supposedly trying to help. So you guys have your own idea of ​​what diversity is, equity And that means inclusion, and it doesn’t take into account the real person who’s been through some of Chicago’s worst public schools, lives in neighborhoods where people are shooting each other, drug dealers and gangs. Members of … That’s where I grew up I was about 12 years old. So how come no one is asking me? I have a lot to share.”

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He continued, “If you guys really believe [equity], then choose an average or below average dentist and see what you get. But you guys get the rating, and you choose the best one available. and you know what? For some areas, this is what you need. you want the best. And I’m here to talk about it… It’s a shame that you guys have done this.”

Parent speaks at the March 30 Barrington Public School meeting.

Parent speaks at the March 30 Barrington Public School meeting.

Another Barrington father said, “Barrington administrators hired an advisor to justify it … and yet no one thought about the effect it would have on children applying for financial aid or college admissions.” Not a single top school in our state or Massachusetts has gotten rid of. Respect. Not one. And our mentor you hired is all proud we were going to be the first one. I’m not sure it’s something That’s something we want to be proud of.”

Katie Novak, a consultant who worked with Barrington to adjust their system, believes de-leveling allows for the elimination of “enabling formations.”

“Too many individuals and schools favor oppressive and enabling structures, where access to advanced research is a privilege that students have to earn,” Novak said in an explainer-post about de-leveling. “All students deserve opportunities to access grade-level instruction and become expert learners and this is not possible when we continue to track students at different levels based on the archaic model of school success.”

Parent speaks at the March 30 Barrington Public School meeting.

Parent speaks at the March 30 Barrington Public School meeting.

As Nowak calls “a universal design for learning,” the high-achieving district plunged into recession. As of 2022, the US News Ranking of Barrington High School has fallen to #308 on its list of top high schools in the country, several notches down from 189th in 2019.

Bill Jacobson, a longtime Barrington resident and founder of Legal Rebellion, said, “De-leveling is part of the agenda for equalizing outcomes. It stems from the equal-results approach.” critical race theory and diversity, equality and inclusion, which recognize that unequal outcomes are the result of systemic bias and discrimination. ‘Equity’ is specifically the codeword to bring down high achievers to equalize outcomes,” Jacobson said. “‘Equity’ has become an unhealthy obsession, and parents are seeing the effects. “

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Fox News Digital reached out to Novak and the principal of Barrington High School for a comment, but did not receive a response.

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