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People who have been infected build immunity, but we do not know how long the immune response lasts, so for permanent protection – you need to be vaccinated after a certain period of time. This was explained to BNR by Prof. Radostina Alexandrova, a virologist from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Her comment was based on a claim by US scientists that vaccinated people could be carriers of the coronavirus.

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The virologist stressed that scientific data confirm that the vaccine does not interfere with people who have already suffered from this coronavirus.

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According to her, it is better to reinsure and wear masks, even by people who have had Covid-19 and vaccinated people, than to take unnecessary risks:

“The fact that there are already vaccines does not automatically mean that we can return to our previous way of life. We still do not know how long the vaccine will keep us. More time is needed to find answers to these questions and we should not put our health at risk, “Alexandrova said.

Prof. Alexandrova stressed that it is very important that research on vaccines does not stop, because more than one vaccine is needed:

“Each vaccine has its advantages and disadvantages. It is quite possible for one group of people to be suitable for one type of vaccine and another for another. It is already the fourth phase of research – post-marketing, when vaccines are already entering real life and find their much wider application “, the specialist specified.

Concerned that the vaccine “brings a foreign genetic code into the cells” of the immunized person, the virologist explained emphatically that RNA vaccines could not interfere with human genetic information:

“Genetic information in nature goes from DNA to messenger RNA and protein. Trying to change that is like changing the flow of water. As for the adenoviruses used in Astra Zeneca and Russian vaccines.” Satellite V “, it uses adenovirus as a carrier that really imports a gene of the virus that causes Covid-19. However, I want to remind you that each of us has been repeatedly infected with adenoviruses – they are one of the most common causes of The most serious evidence that they cannot integrate into our genome comes from our own experience. ”

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The coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19)

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