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A heart attack killed a man after a vaccine against COVID-19

A 75-year-old man died of a heart attack after receiving the Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19.

However, the subsequent autopsy found no link between the heart attack and the immunization. “A 75-year-old man from northern Israel who suffered from cardiovascular disease and cancer was vaccinated against coronavirus, shortly after which he died at home,” the Israeli Ministry of Health said in a statement. The agency has set up a special commission to investigate the accident. “The initial inspection did not find a link between the accident and the vaccination. The immunization campaign continues,” the ministry said. The mass vaccination campaign in Israel began on December 20. The first to be vaccinated were the medical workers, the medical students and the representatives of the authorities, who should use their example to encourage the citizens to be vaccinated. The second stage includes the vaccination of citizens over the age of 60 and people at risk.