Growth in luxury car thefts in 2020

The growth in the thefts of luxury cars was reported by the Sofia police over the past year. The most vulnerable are cars with contactless ignition.

Due to the pandemic and the arrest of one of the main car gangs in our country, SDVR reports fewer car thefts this year. According to the data, an average of two people in Bulgaria are left without their cars every day in the capital.

However, there is an increase in the theft of brand new cars, it is about 15 percent. The reason – their defenses are easy to overcome by the bandits.

In April, Rosen Simov bought a long-chosen SUV for his family, brand new from the brand’s official representative office. A few days ago, he parked the vehicle next to his office in the Lagera neighborhood for the last time.

„I parked up here at 8 in the morning, went up to the office, worked until noon, went out for a lunch break and my car was gone,“ Rosen Simov explained.

The man invests in the equipment of the car, and installs a chair for his child.

„Bach was amazed and startled, and I couldn’t believe it, I walked around the surrounding streets, but my car just wasn’t there,“ the victim added.

The stolen jeep ignites without contact. These are the most common targets in the last year, according to the police. Brand new cars, whose protection turns out to be easy to overcome.

„This is due to the technology currently used by car thieves, which is modern and cars are stolen very quickly with it,“ explained Hristo Trendafilov, head of the „Auto Theft“ department at the Interior Ministry.

Car thieves find expensive vehicles parked in front of shops, pharmacies, retail outlets, and sometimes this happens on the go, investigators say.

„A car thief walks down the street, sees a car that is interesting to him, and walks on it. The citizen parks, then his accomplice goes after him, intercepts the key signal, and the thief who enters the car, he stands and waits next to the car to receive this signal and accordingly the car recognizes as if it were his real key, „added Hristo Trendafilov.

Police advise owners of expensive cars to put the key in a special case to prevent the signal from being intercepted.

„Until the moment of the theft, I was not aware that the new cars were being attacked and that without the thieves having a key, they could easily get into the car, set it on fire and leave,“ said Rosen Simov.

According to investigators, three gangs operate in the capital. The pandemic is covering them up even more. They use masks and gloves for a convenient purpose. However, some of them are also afraid of COVID-19. Cameras caught them stealing cars, even with helmets.

Some of the stolen new cars are used for auto parts, others are made abroad, where they are sold.

Police warn that the next three months are the season of so-called turnkey car theft.

These are cars with the engine running, left by their owners for a while through the store, for example. Be careful!