Germany will not back down in the dispute over Nord Stream 2 – World

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Heiko Maas

Berlin does not intend to back down in the dispute with the United States over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas was quoted as saying by DPA.

We should not be told about European sovereignty, as this means that in the future we must do everything as Washington wants, he said in connection with the forthcoming inauguration of the new US President Joe Biden on January 20.

Berlin is looking for a fresh start in relations with Washington under Biden, after they deteriorated under the current President Donald Trump, notes DPA. However, disagreements on some controversial points will continue, Maas said.

“The federal government will not change its position on Nord Stream 2,” he stressed, but added: “The important thing is that we are united on central strategic and geopolitical issues – we are on the same side of the playing field.”

US policy is not expected to change with Biden’s inauguration – the democratic newly elected president rejects the project just like Trump, according to DPA.

The United States has condemned Nord Stream 2, which it says threatens the security of NATO allies in the European Union by increasing its dependence on Russia, and has threatened new sanctions. It was recently announced that the pipeline was 94 percent ready. Proponents of the project accuse the United States of simply wanting to be able to sell its own gas better in Europe.