The legend Maria Koseva died, her concerts were warmed up by Emil Dimitrov and Lili Ivanova

One diedthe bottom of the first pop stars of Bulgaria – the singer Maria Koseva. Koseva started her career in the early 1960s together with Margret Nikolova, Mimi Nikolova and Irina Chmihova.

Among her songs, played around the clock on the radio, were versions of the famous at the time Domenico Modugno, Rita Pavone, as well as her eternal hits “Blue, Blue Canaries”, “Snow Slowly Falling”, “Ave Maria”, “The Clock”, “The Three”. bachelors ”, the song of Yosif Tsankov“ The love of the young man ”.

Maria Koseva was the first to notice Emil Dimitrov’s talent and included it in her concerts, as she later did with Lili Ivanova.

They both write in their books about her wonderful attitude towards them and how they learned from our first pop singer at the time.

In 1960, Koseva won an award at the Bucharest Youth Festival and was invited to concerts with the Balkanton Orchestra and the Melody Orchestra in Poland, Germany and Russia.

There she took Emil Dimitrov, who dedicated his first song “Lovers and the Moon” to her, while he was a soldier in the Plovdiv barracks, and Maria Koseva immediately took her in his repertoire, as well as later his other songs.

In Russia, she caused a furor with her concerts, and tickets are sold at triple prices. She was invited to a competition in Sopot, Poland, but just then their love affair with our great artist from Satire Nikola Anastasov began and she chose over her undeniable career – family.

She stopped singing and lived as a mother and wife for 55 years. They say that there are almost no such “gestures” among the singers who have chosen the family and raising their children in front of an already dizzyingly started career on the stage.

Five years ago, when Nikola Anastasov died, she said that her heart went with him …. Five years after his death, they are together in heaven again.