Ridiculing the pandemic and vaccination, a radio host died of a K-19

Tennessee American radio host Phil Valentine, who criticized the government’s measures to vaccinate the population, has died of a coronavirus. The news of his death was announced by the radio on which he works.

The famous conservative radio host did not stop ridiculing the danger of infection. He even spoke out against wearing masks in public.

In July, Valentine, 61, reported being infected with the new coronavirus infection. He complained of a cough, a stuffy nose and fatigue, but assured that nothing terrible had happened and would return to work in a day or two.

Less than two weeks later, the radio station reported that he had been hospitalized in a very serious condition, with bronchopneumonia due to COVID. The text added that Valentine called on others to be vaccinated.

“Phil would like his listeners to know that although he has never been an anti-vaccine, he regrets not defending the vaccines more diligently and is looking forward to returning to the radio so that he can take a more vigorous stand.” the message says.

On Saturday, the radio station announced on Twitter that the 61-year-old Valentine had died.