Maria Ilieva in the seventh heaven because of Alexander, see why S …

Maria Ilieva congratulates her son Alexander on his birthday. The singer’s firstborn heir is 4 years old, and the proud mother revealed her soul out of love for him.

The singer of “Vidimo dovolni” shared with her followers on social networks a number of shots with her son, which show his growth and development.

“4 years have passed so imperceptibly … The happiest in my life. Alexander gave me the fullest feeling of unconditional love and meaning. In his eyes and smile I find a powerful charge to be alive, to create and not to put a limit on Every day.

Be happy, my dear man! I love you infinitely. Happy birthday, “Maria wrote on her official Facebook page.

Maria did not keep in touch with Alexander’s father, but she did not end the child’s relationship with him. We remind you that after that Ilieva gave birth to a girl, but from another man, writes