A UFO took a train on board, dragging it for more than an hour

An unidentified flying object drove a train. This happened in the former USSR back in 1985. Shocked drivers Sergei Orlov and Mironov watched helplessly as the mysterious object moved in front of their train without being able to stop the locomotive.

In February 1985, a freight train with 70 empty wagons traveled to Kostomuksha via Petrozavodsk and Suojarvi. The locomotive was driven by the driver Sergei Orlov and his assistant V. Mironov.

The train was on schedule, but suddenly Orlov noticed a strange ball-shaped object on the side of the trees. The UFO was moving parallel to the train.

Orlov and Mironov watched the site closely, wondering what this miracle was. “We saw him send a beam of light to the ground,” said the driver.

Mironov remained speechless, and the light ball dropped sharply forward and flew in front of the locomotive, overtaking it by about 30-50 meters.

Orlov was frightened by the train’s collision with the “ball” and turned off the propulsion engines, and then pressed the brakes with all his might, but the locomotive did not stop. He didn’t even slow down, but kept moving forward, as if something was pulling him.

The shocked Orlov and Mironov watched helplessly as the mysterious object moved in front of the train. It seemed that he was the one dragging the locomotive and the freight train behind him.

The object had a regular geometric shape, about four meters in diameter and moved low above the ground completely silently.

Orlov turned on the radio and fortunately it turned out to work. He contacted the employee at the next station and told him about the mysterious object. The woman did not understand what he was talking about, but she saw with her own eyes a fireball and a disk-shaped UFO flying in front of the train.

Orlov and Mironov could not see the second UFO from their cabin, as the glowing ball hid it.

In front of the station, the train did not slow down at all and the employee on duty was scared. You thought the fireball was moving directly toward the station and would crash into it. Right at the turn, however, she suddenly separated from the locomotive and turned past the station building, then returned to the train.

Meanwhile, the train passed Novi Peski station, but the moment the ball separated from the train, its speed dropped sharply. However, some objects hit the driver’s cab. Orlov and Mironov were injured after the windshield shattered. As soon as the ball returned to the train, the speed increased again.

As the train approached Zastava Station, the UFO disappeared into the forest. The train immediately slowed down and stopped at the station. Orlov got out of the cab to check if the train was damaged, but a bright beam of light illuminated it from above.

When the driver returned to the cab, the train left alone. The fireball dragged the train for a while, then disappeared somewhere again, this time forever.

The train with 70 cars was pulled by a UFO for about an hour and 20 minutes. He traveled more than 50 km. Thanks to the mysterious object, 300 kg of diesel fuel were saved. Orlov and Mironov were not seriously injured in the incident, but fell into a nervous shock.

Their superiors could not find a logical explanation for the incident.