Bulgaria is fourth in the EU in terms of food spending – Society

In 2019, EU households spent 956 billion euros (6.8 percent of total GDP) on „food and non-alcoholic beverages,“ Eurostat reported today.

The figure covers 13 percent of total consumption expenditures and ranks this category third after „housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels“ with a share of 23.5 percent in household expenditures and „transport“ with 13.1 percent, BTA reports. .

Households in Romania gave about a quarter of their budget (26 percent) for food and soft drinks, followed by the population of Lithuania (20.2 percent), Estonia (19.3 percent) and Bulgaria (less than 19 percent).

The share of expenditure in this category is lowest in Ireland (8.6 percent), Luxembourg (8.9 percent) and Austria (9.7 percent).

Between 2009 and 2019, the sharpest declines in food spending were observed in Lithuania (from 25.4 percent to 20.2 percent), Malta (-3.5 percentage points) and Poland (-3 percentage points), and the most a large increase – in the Czech Republic (from 14.2 percent to 15.5 percent), Slovakia (+1.1 percentage points), Hungary (+0.5 percentage points) and the Netherlands (+0.4 percentage points).