A deputy prime minister in a hood disguised checks restaurants

Mariana Nikolova. Photo Ministry of Tourism

Disguised in a sports jacket, hood and protective mask, Deputy Prime Minister Mariana Nikolova toured restaurants in the resorts to check as a mystery shopper whether they are complying with anti-epidemic measures. She told BTV this.
I came in disguised, walked past the reception desk and peeked into the restaurant, people ate quietly, she explained what her checks were.
I will propose that the New Year be allowed to be celebrated in the twelve new years. But the assessment is up to the health authorities. The industry wants to work at least until 12.30. It is more sterile than carrying bottles of champagne around the rooms, Nikolova added.
For December 24 and 25, I have not received a single signal of a violation of the rules by the restaurants. I personally made visits as a mystery shopper, wearing a jacket and a hood. Business does not allow violations, because if one commits a violation, it will be a stain on the entire industry.
If we are disciplined after mid-January, we will be able to talk about easing the measures, she added.

On New Year’s Eve, the deputy prime minister did not plan to visit restaurants again.