8 people in Germany were injected with the wrong overdose of the vaccine against COVID-19 – EU

Eight employees of a nursing home in Germany have received an error of five doses of the vaccine against KOVID-19, reported AFP and noted that at the moment there are no serious consequences for their health.

These are seven women and a man between the ages of 38 and 54 working in a nursing home in Stralsund in the northeastern part of the country. They are among the priority groups immunized with the Biontech and Pfizer vaccines. Vaccination began on Saturday.

Four of them were admitted to hospital for observation with mild flu-like symptoms, the rest returned home.

“I am very sorry about this incident,” said Stefan Kert, administrator of the county where the home is located. According to him, these are isolated cases and are due to human error.
The German laboratory Biontech assured before the start of the immunization campaign over the weekend in a number of European countries that higher doses than normal were injected during clinical trials without any serious side effects.

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